Our Selection of Electronics includes;

You want 4K Smart T.V.s we have it! How about Ipads or Macbooks we have it! Gaming systems or Home Theaters we have it!

4K Smart LED/LCD T.V’s  
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Rent to Own -Starting at $35.00 a month
Home Theatre Stereo PS-4                 PS-4 PRO              PSVR                                                    X-BOX 1 1TB or 2TB
31PRI6kBknL__AA160_  ps--4vrps4-pro     en-US_Hm_Spotlight_Holiday_Xbox_Onexbox
Rent to Own Starting at $50.00 a month
Blu Ray Surround Option Available
Rent to own Starting at $75.00 a month Starting at $85.00 a month
NEW……… Ipad Air Pro           Switch                                                                                                
   Apple-iPad-Air-64GB-3-xl thXPUQEFZK untitled
 128 G  to a 259G Starting at $110.00 a Month  Starting at $65.00 a month